Self Adhesive Labels

Label is the common name for any pressure sensitive decoration, Update strives to make its labels anything but common be it labels for extreme conditions with long-lasting durability or adding high aesthetic value to the products we provide an ideal solution with our range of substrates like PAPER, BOPP, PVC, PET, PE Or METALIZED PAPER.


Being one of the best Self Adhesive Labels manufactures in Delhi NCR, Update is extending its wings in this market. Understanding the importance of labels for a product, our team work to make a historic label for a product that would remain alive in the minds of the customer for a longer period of time.

Holographic Labels

Holographic labels can add shine and luster to packaging that grabs customers attention – and keeps it. Besides their visual appeal, holographic foil can influence perceptions about your product or brand with its high-quality look and feel.

Holographic stickers Delhi NCR

Metalized Labels

Attractive graphics and decorative designs created from these sparkling labels make any product stand out on the shelf, whether they are premium beverage products, like beer or whisky bottles, or silver labels for promotional and industrial purposes such as confectionery, cosmetics, toiletries or luxury items.

Self adhesive labels manufacturers in Delhi NCR

Tamper Evident Labels

These labels are suitable for sealing the parcel and carton containing valuables. These labels ensure the authenticity of the packed goods and make the products free from counterfeiting.


High quality materials and cutting-edge techniques are being used in designing these void labels to make them tamper proof. Each void labels has a hidden word which cannot be seen without opening and once opened it cannot be resealed.

Tamper Evident Labels

No Look Labels

Products often require clear, transparent labels and stickers for a variety of applications.’No look’ labels are perfect for all kinds of promotional uses, including bottle packaging, window stickers, food packaging and more.

These transparent labels allow people to admire the contents of the product without interference from the packaging and hence make it a premium buy.

No Look Labels

In Mould Labels

In-mould Labels (IML) are applied on the plastic packaging in the same injection phase, and this become its integral part. The life-span of the label is the same as of packaging. In-mould labels are suitable for labelling thin-walled packaging used in cosmetics, detergent, paint, beverage and food industries, and it is also used in the automotive industry.

In Mould Labels

Embossed Labels

High-quality embossed labels create an elegant presentation of your logo and hence is a high-impact way to spread awareness of your brand.

At Update we have the tools and processes in place to create embossed foil labels on a variety of different substrates and materials.

Embossed labels Delhi NCR

Anti Counterfeit Labels

Counterfeit products are a growing problem for businesses all over the world, resulting in huge economic losses and even possible harm to consumers. The effects of counterfeiting are felt in a variety of industries like pharmaceutical, food, beauty, technology, among others.


There are, however, ways that you can fight back to protect your brand and products with anti-counterfeiting strategies. We at Update can provide secure yet cost efficient anti counterfeit solutions to protect your brand.

Anti Counterfeit Labels

Bar Code/Thermal Transfer Labels

We offer a wide range of thermal transfer labels suitable for barcode thermal transfer printers. Thermal Transfer barcode Labels, Barcode stickers are for thermal label printers that require thermal transfer ribbons.

The same can be provided with or without printing in roll sizes as per customer requirement.

Removable Labels/ Reclosable labels

Removable labels and reclosable labels are important for various industries. Typical applications include protective films, wet wipes and garments. We can provide removable filmic or paper face stock as per customer requirement.