UV Rotary / Flat bed Silk Screen

To further enhance the finish of a self-adhesive label, Update is able to incorporate silk-screen printing. This technology adds gloss, depth of colour to a printed label to help catch the consumer’s eye as the labelled product sits on a shop shelf next to rival brands by UV Rotary Silk screen In-line and UV flatbed process by offline. 

Screen printing is a printing technique that uses a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil to receive a desired image. The attached stencil forms open areas of mesh that transfer ink or other printable materials which can be pressed through the mesh as a sharp-edged image onto a substrate. A fill blade or squeegee is moved across the screen stencil, forcing or pumping ink into the mesh openings for transfer by capillary action during the squeegee stroke. Basically, it is the process of using a stencil to apply ink onto a substrate, whether it be posters,self adhesive stickers, vinyl, Bopp and Polyester material.