Decal are a form of decorative labeling that is printed or constructed and then applied to a product in one step. Update’s decals range from self adhesive to those requiring water or a heat press for application and many varieties of each as listed below.

Vinyl Decals

Self adhesive Vinyl decals can be applied to a surface after removing the paper backing.Custom vinyl decals provide an eye-catching signage option that can be used to display a specific message.


We can also make custom vinyl decals in the shape of a logo to draw more attention to the decals.Whether you want to put decals Decals for Windows, Vehicle Windows, Vehicle Body Surfaces, Motorcycles or just about any surface we have a material to fit your needs.

Digital printing Vinyl graphics

PET Decals

Polyester can be significantly thinner than vinyl while still being strong enough they do not tear. This means that PET decals are ideal for application where thinner edges are required which implies less opportunity for peeling.

Letter Cut Decals

Rather than printing your artwork on a solid vinyl or PET, We can cut the design in several solid or printed colors of material so when applied which a masking film , only logo or lettering is left on the surface with no extra material.

Heat Resistant Decals

Heat resistant sticker is the perfect solution for a customer wishing to clear coat while keeping the application process of a pressure sensitive sticker. This sticker is made with specialized material which can withstand temperatures of up to 150 °C with a low profile that can disappear under a clear coat.


A thin removable carrier film allows for alignment and application without contact with the adhesive. Alignment lines can be added to the carrier for precise placement.

Heat resistant labels

Rub on Transfer Decals

Rub – on transfers are decals that can be applied without the use of water or other solvent. The decal itself is on a backing material such as paper or plastic sheeting much like a transparency. The dry transfer is placed in the desired location with the backing side up.


The decal is then applied by burnishing the backing. The contact side of the decal includes a pressure-sensitive adhesive; the combination of heat and pressure causes the decal to stick more strongly to the new surface than to the backing. When the backing is removed, the decal remains. We recommend a clear coat to permanently seal the transfer and protect from wear and tear.

Heat Transfer for textiles

Heat transfer decals, or thermal transfers as they are sometimes called, are pre-printed graphic images that are bonded to the part/substrate using heat and pressure. The image is printed on a carrier that releases the decal to the part under the heat and pressure of the hot stamping equipment used to apply the decals.


The heat transfer decal is more permanent and resistant than other decorating methods. Although our decals and labels are most often applied to textiles and apparel, they also perform well on leather, rubber and graphite.

Removable labels / Reclosable labels

Removable labels and reclosable labels are important for various industries. Typical applications include protective films, wet wipes and garments. We can provide removable filmic or paper face stock as per customer requirement.

Water Slide Transfers Decals

Water slide decals are the leading decorating choice in many industries and product specially sporting goods Only a thin ink layer will be transferred to the object, so water transfer appears a very high-end quality on the object.


To achieve a seamless look on a curved surface, we can offer a high-flexibility water slide system for motorcycle helmets, bicycles and racquets.

Solvent Transfers

Solvent transfers offer a fast and simple technique to transfer any image onto a variety of substrates and paint systems.Solvent transfer paper (which is removed after application) allows for greater application tolerance.


Printed alignment lines are printed onto the paper which guides precise placement and consistent decoration.

Color Masking Decal (CMD)

This is for the application of two-tone or multiple colors painting products. There are 2 combined layers of graphic film and mask film to create 2-tone at one step. For carbon fiber or curved surface, we develop a more flexible and upgraded decals- the Color Masking Water Transfer.

Reflective decals

Our Reflective Decals are a great way to add extra visibility to your bike, motorcycle or helmet Reflective Vinyl works by bouncing light, back to the original source.


In daylight, the colors look like normal vinyl decals. But under flashlights or car headlights, the decals will look like they are lit up from within thus increasing the identity and safety of rider.

Florescent /Neon Color Decals

Florescent ( Neon) colors can enhance the brightness of any label and hence making them more eye catchy.However due to low sensitivity to UV light florescent they tend to fade much faster than conventional colors.


But with our latest technology we can provide HI-Life florescent color decals with higher light fastness and weather resistance.