Cosmetics & Personal Care

Update Prints has continually delivered high end sophisticated labels to various multinational and domestic personal care brands/companies.


Our dedicated team of designers visualizers and globally supported technical team help us understand the product to perfection and enhance sample creation and proofing.


Innovative technique, latest technologies and expert manufacturing have helped us to ensure advanced level of service. We understand the unique personality of each brand and deliver labels to enhance it.

Health & Pharma

Update has successfully supplied world class labels to domestic and multinational pharmaceutical companies. We maintain an impeccable production process which is backed by 100 percent inspection of the label through sophisticated electronic systems and detection cameras. (PMS which enables online colour monitoring defect detection and bar code inspection).


With strict quality control norms and international regulations we have been approved manufacturers of the most stringent companies. We aim to maintain our cutting edge standards in times to come.

Graphics & Decals

Update has been serving the industries like Automotive, Appliances, Two wheelers, Sports and other allied industries by providing them graphics and decals since decades. Graphics and the decals can be innovated and produced according to the product requirement of the client.


The graphic industry is one of the fast growing segment and the business is growing due to the application of graphics or decals for value adding on the products.

Food & Beverages

Update provides labels to various food and beverage companies . A growing ever evolving industry such as F&B needs constant progress in design , high end, sturdy yet competitively priced label branding. Our labels have enhanced the branding of several such beverages.

General Industries

Update a self adhesive labels and decal supplier offering all type of custom printed labels for any business and industry, We specialize in unique promotional and commercial labels, stickers and decals on any substrate, If you are looking for something that sticks think of us.