Congratulations to Update Prints!

Update Prints is a specialised and pioneer label printing company in India, offering its products for the most quality demanding sectors as cosmetics labels, food, healthcare, oil, lubricants, beverages and FMCG packaging.

As Aditya Chadha, Marketing Director of the company comments: “In Update Printswe compete & supply world class Labels to various industries in India and in the world. Our Company’s logo is to meet or exceed the customer’s satisfaction to their utmost expectations. Our R & D department works very hard, to keep up with latest technologies & innovations. Our resources can closely meet customer demands, and continued with fast research and development; we offer consistent quality that receives high degree of customer’s satisfaction”

The obtained LMAI awards are:

Winner- Offset Color and Process category

Runner Up- Offset Color and Process category

Winner- Offset Wine and Spirits category

Winner- Offset category